Facilities Audit/Condition Survey

We provide a facility audit/condition survey service aimed at systematically recording inventory and locations of existing facility assets, identifying facility deficiencies and determining the functional performance of building components and infrastructure. The scope includes developing a facility audit/condition survey report, preparing a short term plan for maintenance and repair activities to correct observed deficiencies and identifying and prioritizing capital projects covering major improvements.

On-site Facilities Management

We provide maintenance and management of hard and soft services including: electrical, mechanical civil infrastructure, landscaping, grounds, support services etc. The services provided onsite includes: - Regular routine inspection - Identification and rectification of building defects - Occupant relations/interface management - Operating and capital budget and - Strategic and tactical management.

Facilities Management Training

We provide training according to specific needs of clients to meet identified competency gaps in their in-house FM organisation team. Our courses are designed to help facilities managers develop professionally and support them as they encounter new challenges throughout their career. The scope of the training covers both managerial and supervisory levels.

Project/Construction Management

Our project/construction management service involves the overall planning, coordination and control of a project from inception to completion. Our services are tailored to the size and complexity of any given project – and backed by a corporate commitment to total quality management. The scope includes: - Schedules and budget evaluations - Value engineering - Accuracy checks on cost estimates - Weighing project alternatives - Monitoring and - Coordination of project

Procurement Management

Our procurement management service helps to build efficiency into your procurement process by delivering a comprehensive streamlined approach to procurement. The scope of our procurement management services includes: - Procurement strategy review, - Supply chain management - Contract negotiation - Process audit and - Monitoring vendor performance.

Alternative & Renewable Power Solutions

We offer our customers sustainable solutions in the provision of seamless power for their business with focus on the environment. We provide a 24/7 generator set (100kva-1250kva) rental service for all uses including corporate endeavours, event planners and residential estates. We also have a strong in-house technical team for the effective handling of routine maintenance and repair of generator sets.

Building Repairs and Maintenance

This involves maintaining the organization’s buildings along with the building components and systems. The crux of this service is first, to create a good working/operating environment, second, to ensure occupational and operating safety, and third, to create an environment that engenders innovation and promotes productivity via the “feel-good” effect created. This service would both be preventive and reactive, with the reactive maintenance aspect reduced to the barest minimum. Activities to be performed would revolve around plumbing, HVAC, electrical/electronic works, painting amongst others.

Utility Maintenance and Management

Through this service, utilities being employed - such as water and power (energy) systems – are kept at their optimum operating conditions. The key to achieving this would be by equating maintenance to delivering reliability. With this fully understood processes that ensure reliability of utility facilities would be put in place. In addition, the need to properly match consumption with production so as to appropriate the utilities optimally, will lead to proper definitions of utilities requirements and usage. This in turn will yield reduction in costs. Developed plans and procedures guide the operation of this service.

Space Management

This is the planning and allocation of space in order to effectively support business activities. The flow of work operations and the ability for two or more operations to synergise are taken into consideration along with the critical nature of certain work operations. All these variables taken into consideration will give birth to the space management plan and deployment of the plan.

Access Control and Security

In an increasing nature, access control has become important in the operation of organizations. There is a need to allow or restrict access to both staff and visitors. It is also imperative that intruders/trespassers are not allowed to gain access into the premises. This calls the use of Access Control Systems along with security being put in place. The nature of security personnel and equipment deployed would depend on the requirements and location of managed facilities.

Waste Management & Cleaning

Waste generation is inevitable, therefore, there is a need to properly manage the collection, disposal, and a times the recycling. Processes, plans and systems are put in place in order to manage the generated waste. Though a cleaning service may seem generalized, it should be appreciated that in order to achieve effective cleaning of a premises, a cleaning system that is meant solely for the building and its facilities is developed and positioned to deliver an environment that is clean, not withstanding time or period.

Building Reconstruction and Special Projects:

Based on changing company needs, outlook and progression, there might be a need to reconstruct parts of a building or facility, be it externally or internally. This would involve the considerations of several factors, from engineering to cost issues. On the establishment of the requirements and sound consideration of the all issues and variables, a team is assembled to perform the work.

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“During times of serious power blackouts, Green Facilities Limited as been a reliable service provider in ensuring my company stays powered – providing us with backup generator 24/7.
Green Facilities Ltd is reliable, effective and trustworthy.”

– Ecobinder Services Ltd.

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